I am a 44 year-old man and I have been working out with Davide twice a week for just over a year. I have worked with personal trainers in the past, I worked out on my own in the gym, I have done classes, bootcamps, tried several disciplines (crossfit, yoga) all these things worked for sometime, then something happened and I stopped. Familiarity kicked in, boredom, lack of accountability, perhaps the most was lack of progress. Progress is different for different people. For some is losing weight, for others is increasing strength, get more energy, increase muscle mass. Davide had the ability to understand and appreciate my goals, which were to put on some lean muscle mass, increase energy, and get rid of the aches and pains of a sedentary lifestyle. He knows the exercises and what to do, and puts 100% effort and focus in making sure that every exercise we do, I max out and go to failure. However, I never in one year felt like I was being pushed to the extreme, neither I have injured myself. On the contrary, all my back aches from a computer-bound job have disappeared, my posture has improved, I have put on 5Kg of lean muscle mass. To my credit, I do eat clean and I try to follow my diet 70% the time. But Davide was instrumental in helping me find out my right macro levels and experiment and tweak to find what worked for me. He has a lot of knowledge both of exercise as well as nutrition, but he is also very open mind and he will work with whatever is thrown at him. He is also a very humble person and continuously focuses on improving his knowledge and become a more complete professional all the time. With Davide I know I am making progress because I quiz him all the time on the exercise and he takes the time to explain to me what we are doing, why, the impact of it. Most of all his sessions are fun. He is a great laugh and his positive attitude has more than once helped me to fight my daily stresses and leave our training sessions feeling reinvigorated and motivated to keep going. He checks with me via WhatsApp during the week to make sure I am staying on track, which is a nice touch. I would recommend anyone who is considering personal training to contact Davide for a chat. He is a true gem in an industry dominated by inflated egos and often under qualified people who just make their client sweat to give them an illusion of working out. I really have only positive things to say about this incredible guy !