do you want to stop experiencing so much stress and, once again, get to fully enjoy life?

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Want to get more done, feel lighter and develop a system to deal with your own thoughts?

If you are experiencing high levels of stress and you’re looking for a solution, keep reading this page and, if you think I can help you, don’t hesitate to drop me a line and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Whilst I am a big advocate of choosing a career you love, there is of course more to life than your job. You will need to maintain a healthy balance with your well-being, the time you spend with your loved ones, your social life, fun and other interests you may have.

The typical work-life balance right? Well, that’s one thing but stress it’s not just about the lack of physical time to do all the things you want to do.

Managing stress is mainly about working on three key areas:

  • Clarity on why you do what you do

  • Managing your mental processes related to your to-do list

  • Taking care of your body by exercising, eating right and resting your mind

If you feel stressed, irritable or even burned out or depressed, let’s have a look at what’s causing this.

You may be asking yourself questions like:

  • How much of the stress I suffer from can I actually control?

  • How is it possible that others are less affected by stress?

  • How can I become more resilient towards stress?

  • How much stress do I actually create myself through my mindset?

  • Shuld I look for a different job with less stress?

My stress management program will enable you to find answers to these questions and then use this information to create new strategies for better stress management.

when is it time to address your stress levels?

Looking at your stress levels is crucial when:

  • you feel burned out or depressed

  • you are often irritable

  • you suffer from stress-related health issues (like intestinal problems, chronic fatigue etc.)

  • you feel that you are missing out on life (especially when your daily routine feels dull)

  • your personal relationships suffer because of work

  • you feel oftem overwhelmed and anxious

  • the quality of your work is starting to suffer

  • you find it difficult to switch off and relax

  • you fall ill more often than others

these are warning signs that something has to be addressed

I am a former drugs addict that nearly died of internal bleeding and managed to rebuild a life and business that I love, living drugs-free and stress-free.

I know what it means to feel on the verge of imploding. Over my 10 years as a coach I’ve helped hundreds stressed-out of people to regain control of their lives by using exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and productivity coaching.

if you want to take control of your life and “feel alive” once more than you should consider stress management coaching

Stress coaching is not for everyone, but it will be right for you if you want to:

  • manage stress and work related anxiety

  • learn how to get more done by doing less

  • learn how to better manage conflict

  • improve your physical and mental well-being

  • improve your relationships (and the quality time they involve)

  • have more fun and feel alive

  • live with purpose and achieve your goals

what my stress management program is meant to give you

Through the coaching process I will help you to gain;

  • more resilience to stress, so that you can always feel in control

  • knowledge of your thoughts, so that you can stop the chain of negative thinking

  • more time, so that you can dedicate it to what matters

  • bulletproof energy and health, so that you always have the strength to conquer long days at work and long evenings with your family and friends

  • new excitement in life, so that you can set bigger goals and achieve greater things while truly loving life

how does the stress management program work?

If you want to hire me as your life coach in London (or via Skype) to work on your stress management, we will look at your life holistically to ensure that you create a healthy balance of all areas in your life that are important to you.

We will create a bespoke program based on your personal goals and challenges. Most likely, we will starting by taking stock of your stress levels and what’s causing them. From there, in a series of coaching conversations, we can explore how you can reduce or manage stress more effectively. We will also establish how satisfied you are with your life generally, what’s missing and what needs to change to create more joy and more balance.

Where appropriate, I can teach you techniques to reduce your stress levels, such as meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises and other strategies to stop feeling overwhelmed.

why hiring me as your coach?


Why should you trust me? I know that hiring a coach is a difficult choice. I am able to help my clients simply because

  • I always walk my talk ( I would never teach something I don’t personally practice daily)

  • I’ve been through darkness and I managed to get back on my feet

  • I am empathetic when I want, but I’m also a bullshit detector when I need to

  • I’ve been practicing, studying and teaching mindfulness for over 6 years and I belive that it can change people’s lives



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